Potentially selling in 6+ months

    You can improve the value of your home.

    Most homeowners start thinking about selling 6 to 24 months before they actually list their home for sale.  Yet they often do not take concrete steps to increase the value of their home during this important time window.

    This is a great loss, because most homes could increase in value with small investments during this pre-market period.  Most homes are lived in, and over time the wear and tear (that may not be an issue for you) may be the barrier to a potential buyer making an offer.  Often home owners are not aware that a small problem may have a large impact on value.  This is one of the ways where Maria Murdock’s Group can help you better understand the value of your home and give you suggestions of what concrete steps you can take to maximize value.

    We are happy to meet with you to better understand your time frame and objectives.  We want to take a walk through your house as if we were the potential buyer.  We will help identify what you should do to maximize the value of your home.  Some suggested projects may include:

    • Landscaping
    • Replacing your front door to make sure the first impression is extraordinary
    • Painting your home’s interior/exterior
    • Fixing damages to walls or ceiling.
    • Replacing outdated light fixtures with LED lamps/fixtures
    • Targeted kitchen improvements
    • Bathroom updates with brands that buyers want
    • And\more…

    Feel free to schedule a walk through  your house with us.

    We will also let you know if we think that your home would benefit from a more substantial investment to make a step change in the value of your home.

    The key is to be targeted and efficient.  There are two common mistakes that homeowners make during this 6- to 24-month period before they put their home up for sale:

    • Ignoring important issues or
    • Over-investing in improvements

    If you are considering making significant investments, we will advise you and give you market insights so that you invest only on those improvements likely to have the largest impact on the value of your home.

    The 6- to 24-month window before you sell your home is a great transition period.  You are also about to sell a very valuable asset.  Let us help advise you during this process so that the effort pays off for you and your family.

    Please feel free to schedule a consultation with us at a time convenient for you, or simply provide us with how to contact you and we will connect with you as soon as possible.