Buying a home in Coral Gables Purchasing your dream home

    We know that buying a home in Coral Gables or its vicinity is a very large financial investment with an enormous impact on your lifestyle.  It is very important for us to get the perfect home for you and your family.

    We specialize in Coral Gables homes for sale, including Coral Gables waterfront homes, bringing you true local market knowledge and expertise.  Coral Gables is our home.  Our team has decades of experience in negotiations, pricing, marketing, and strategy.  We are highly qualified to guide you through the home buying process in our community.

    Some significant steps that we will take together are the Coral Gables homes search, the financing (when necessary), the negotiation, the inspection, and the closing.  We help you understand each step and strive to make your real estate experience effortless.

    We can begin our search for Coral Gables homes for sale on this website.  As we shared with you on our home page, all properties currently listed in the South Florida multiple listing service (MLS) are available for you to view, favorite, and save.  We put this in your hands because you know best what kind of home you want to live in and this gives our group very important information about your preferences.

    We work with you on financing very early in the home buying process because you need to know exactly what you can afford in order to focus on the right properties.   If you need financing, we have an outstanding mortgage lender who will not only give a very competitive rate (which could save substantial money over the life of the loan) and help maximize your buying power, but also can approve and underwrite your loan in as little as seven days.  Working with our group will give you a competitive advantage that enables you to compete with all-cash buyers.  This is an important value add because about half of home purchases in Coral Gables are all-cash.

    Negotiating the right price for your future home is another service we provide that gives you a significant  competitive advantage.  The key is having the right information and having the right approach when entering the negotiation.  Key factors drive the appropriate price.  We know those key factors and how to bring them to bear to get the best deal for you.  We have experience negotiating with the best and brightest.

    The inspection period is very important.  After you agree to a contract, you have a time window to inspect the property to discover if there are any previous unknown or undisclosed issues.  We will start this process soon after signing the contract so you have adequate time to resolve any issues.  It is important to identify and address any problems during this period because after it ends, the contract becomes binding.

    Finally, the most rewarding stage that we all look forward to is the closing.  After all the work has been done, this is when you take possession of the home you love.  We look forward to celebrating that day with you.

    Please feel free to schedule a consultation with us at a time convenient for you.  You may also call, text, email, or simply provide us with your information so we can contact you.  We would like to hear from you even if you are just getting started on this journey to your new home.


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