Coral Gables: Miami’s Beautiful City History

    It is Beautiful here.

    The City of Coral Gables was founded in 1925, but it was conceived in the mind and heart of its founder, George E. Merrick, many years before.

    George Merrick was a poet and a great admirer of all things Beautiful.  (He always wrote beautiful with a uppercase B, which is why we do too.). He was thirteen years old when he and his family moved to South Florida in 1899.  George eventually came to own much of what is the City of Coral Gables today, from Coral Way up north to Cocoplum and Tahiti Beach down south.

    George loved Coral Gables and used his substantial wealth to make it Beautiful.  He surrounded himself with the best landscaping professionals and architects of the 1920s to help him make his dream come true.  He planted many trees, built fountains, parks, waterways, and the elegant city entrances that welcome residents and visitors.  He instituted the Board of Architects and City Code that are still in existence today.

    Coral Gables is now the most awarded city in Florida.  The list of awards it has received during the course of its short history is impressive.  It is no surprise that it is also the most popular area in Miami-Dade County for residential buyers, according to many top real estate professionals.

    Real Estate industry leaders named Coral Gables the “best neighborhood for families with children” for the second consecutive year in 2018 (Miami Herald/Bendixen & Amandi real estate market study).  Each year, the Herald and Miami-based polling firm Bendixen & Amandi team up to interview 100 of the county’s premier developers, brokers, analysts, investors and other experts to get a sense of the state of the local real estate market.

    For the second straight year, Coral Gables was identified by the study participants as the top location where they would buy a home if they were in the market for one.

    Read our blog to find out more about the City Beautiful story and the awards it has reaped in its 93 year history.  It is Beautiful here!