EWM is #1 in Coral Gables

    EWM Realty International ranked number one again this year in the Coral Gables market, both in the number of transactions and in sales volume.  The numbers in the chart below are for 2018.  EWM’s transaction volume is more than 70% higher than the  #2 brokerage in Coral Gables.

    EWM is the real estate brokerage consistently rated as the best brokerage in South Florida by its peers – another strong professional endorsement.

    In 2015, the Miami Herald launched the Miami Herald/ Bendixen & Amandi International Real Estate Survey, a new way of determining the best real estate brokerage in South Florida. They asked 100 of the top real estate leaders who they would go to if they could not use their own brokerage to conduct their own real estate transaction.  EWM was the winner in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. Four years. Four wins, for as long as the question has been asked.

    EWM is undisputed leader in our market, which is why The Maria Murdock Group has made EWM its home.

    EWM’s transaction volume is almost as large as the combined volume of the #2 and #3 brokerages in Coral Gables.