Compare Properties

    Customers have told us that the compare favorites tool in our website is very helpful to them.  Please note that you can select favorites on any device, but the comparison tool is available only on desktops and tablets.

    Step 1)  View properties and mark your favorites.  (Click on the heart    in the upper right corner of each property)

    Step 2)  Click on the View Favorites button   at the upper right hand corner of the page.

    Step 3)  Select the properties you want to compare by clicking on the Add to Compare button  at the bottom of each property.  You may compare up to 4 properties at one time.

    Step 4)  Click on the Compare Properties button   on the left hand side of the page.

    Step 5)  The basic comparison compares the top 10 features of the properties.  You can compare additional features by clicking the Add Features to Compare button at the bottom of the comparison page.  There are a large number of additional features you can compare:  17 more exterior features, 10 more interior features, and 29 more property features.

    Have fun comparing your favorite homes!