Create an e-Alert

    Get instant updates with e-Alerts on homes that you are potentially interested in.  You can get an e-Alert when a new home comes on the market in your target range or when prices are reduced.

    Step 1)  Perform a search on our search page.  You can customize your search by entering city, neighborhood, school, zip code, etc.  You can also customize by selecting Price, Type, Beds, Bath, or More+ in the bar to the right of the search bar

    • Every time you add a search criteria, it is listed below the search bar.  If you want to remove any search criteria, simply click the x on that criteria and it will be eliminated

    Step 2)  Once you have defined the search, click on the button.

    Step 3)  If you have not yet registered, the site will ask you to register so it can set up the e-Alert.

    Step 4)  A box with a summary of your search will appear.  Fill out three items:

    • Name your search to differentiate it from other searches you may set up.
    • Confirm you email address so the e-Alert goes to the right address.
    • Select frequency:  you can pick instant, daily or weekly e-Alerts.

    Then click on the  button and you will start receiving e-Alerts.